Integrated Health Home

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Family Resources is now providing the Integrated Health Home program in Scott and Muscatine Counties. This service is a benefit available to children and families in partnership with Iowa Medicaid and Magellan Behavioral Care of Iowa. This is a FREE service. For further information, call us today at 855-277-0430.

What is Integrated Health Home?

The Pediatric Health Program addresses all of your health care needs including physical and mental health care. This program provides help and support to you when children are experiencing emotional and behavioral health issues.

Am I Eligible for this Program?

Coordination services are available to families with Medicaid benefits who have a child or children with emotional or behavioral challenges. There is no fee for these added services.

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How Does the Program Work?

Our community has many programs and services available to families. Knowing where to start, however, can often be complicated! The Care Coordination Team will help you navigate medical and mental health services to provide optimum care to your child. Family Resources Care Coordinators are here to help!

What Can You Expect?

  • A Family Peer Support Specialist is a parent who has experience with caring for a child with mental, emotional or behavioral challenges. This Specialist will provide you with direct support and help to guide you in accessing services for your child.
  • A Care Coordinator is a resource specialist and will help you and your child develop a plan and identify resources to help you achieve your goals.
  • A Nurse is available to help you manage your child's total medical and emotional health care needs.

Our goal is to support you and your child to lead healthy and happy lives!

What Will My Integrated Health Team Do?

  • Help you find answers to your questions or direct you to learning opportunities
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between your child, your family and your mental and physical health care providers
  • Provide advocacy and 24/7 support
  • Help you reach your physical and mental health care goals by providing support, education, and access to resources
  • Provide support to help you cope, understand, and learn new ways to manage your child's health care and emotional care needs through peer support
  • Assistance in finding support and services for your child's behaviors

Emotional Care + Dental Care + Physical Care + Eye Care

Healthy Kids = Happy Kids!

Help is Just a Phone Call Away! Call 855-277-0430 or e-mail Amber.

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Integrated Health Home Program Staff

The staff in our IHH program are highly trained and ready to help our clients in any way they can.

Amber McGill, Admin Assistant/Business Performance Specialist

Amber is the Admin Assistant/Business Performance Specialist with the Pediatric Integrated Health Program. She started working with Family Resources in 2014. She loves coming to work everyday because as she says, she "works with the best team ever!" She's an English junkie, and says she's the friend who always corrects your text messages. A fun fact about Amber, she can speak in gibberish and knows all of her helping verbs. She says she's inspired by her children, because she feels they have made her want to be a better person, so that she can be a better person for them. You can contact Amber at, to find out more about the program and how she can help your family.

Jessie Sable, Care Coordinator

Jessie is a Family Peer Support Specialist with the Pediatric Integrated Health Program. She is happily married with four wonderful children. She is currently in Grad School at Kaplan University, getting a Masters of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Addictions. She is excited to graduate this fall and to walk across that stage to accept her diploma in December! Presently, she has her Bachelors of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Substance Abuse Counseling. She has worked with children for most of her career and enjoys every minute of it. The one thing that she loves about Family Resources is it really feels like a family. She adds, "everything that this agency does for our community is beyond words and I am really grateful that I can be a part of that." Jessie loves the PIHP Program at Family Resources because she not only gets to help the child but also gets to help the family and she says it makes all the hard work and dedication worth every minute. You can contact Jessie at, to find out more about the Program and how she can help your family.

Jessica Foster, Care Coordinator

Jessica is a Care Coordinator with the Pediatric Integrated Health Program. She completed her Bachelors degree in Psychology from Augustana College and her Masters in Forensic Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Jessica has over ten years of experience in social work, working with numerous populations, including children, elders, HIV/AIDS, and multiple diagnosis. Jessica has been with Family Resources for almost 3 years. You can contact Jessica at, to find out more about the program and how she can help your family.

Joan McGovern, Director

Joan has a Bachelors degree from the University of Northern Iowa, and a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago. She has been working in mental health care since 1994. Her first job in the field was caring for elderly clients with long-term mental illness, and has since worked with adults of all ages, and is excited to now be learning about mental health care for children. Joan started as a FSRP Care Coordinator with Family Resources in 2013, but was eager to make the move to PIHP in order to lend her mental health experience to launching a new program addressing the mental health needs of children in our community. Joan's favorite part of the job is meeting new families, hearing their stories, and working side-by-side with parents, caregivers and children to meet their goals. Joan is married with two teenagers. She loves home improvement, reading, dogs, and live theater. She is well-known for breaking into singing Broadway songs at any moment! You can contact Joan at, to find out more about the program and how she can help your family.