Family Resources has a rich heritage of providing a safe place for children, families and individuals that dates back to 1849.

We are guided by:

Our VisionGirls under a tree.

A caring community of healthy families.

Our Mission

To strengthen children, families and individuals by providing quality services that engage community resources to create effective solutions.

Our Philosophy

We believe it is a privilege to work with children, families, individuals and communities. We believe they have the most insight into their past, present, and future. Our role is to partner with them in creating effective solutions with respect to diversity. With this understanding, Family Resources carries out its mission.

Our Values

We are passionately committed to our core values. We believe that these values give purpose and meaning to our lives and to those of our clients. They also provide direction for the whole organization. We intend that these values will guide us in our decision-making for many years to come.

Safety: We believe that safety is fundamental. We believe that safety comes first for our clients, our staff and the community. A safe environment is necessary for our clients to learn, to grow and to turn their lives around. Safety grows out of trusting relationships that are based on respect for the dignity of all persons.

Service: We are here to serve others. Service has been a core value of Family Resources for over 150 years. We serve others because we care deeply about kids, people, families, and the community. We care so much that we are committed to providing a continuum of services to respond to the needs of people.

Teamwork: We believe that teamwork works for us, for our clients and for the community. Our board, staff and clients work together in teams. As an organization, we believe that working collaboratively with other partners in the community is the most effective way to pursue our mission.

Resourcefulness: We believe that Family Resources has grown for more than 165 years because we are resourceful. As the needs of our community changed, we have learned to adapt, grow, and change with the times. We believe that to accomplish our mission, we need to continuously learn, innovate, and be open to new ideas.

Integrity: We believe so passionately in these core values that we are committed to act upon them.


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