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Todd Poe

Resource Buying Network

Resourceful Buying Network was created with the purpose of providing non-profit organizations with the opportunity to purchase commonly used basic commodities at volume discounts from high-quality suppliers. Through our suppliers, Resourceful Buying Network has been able to secure large volume discounts that can be ordered by and delivered to our members.

More than just a buying consortium

In addition to the cost savings, we focus on helping you create operational efficiencies which will also help you save time. This program also helps with Cost Containment because the pricing is locked in for the entire non-profit fiscal year. Our suppliers have been trained on specific skills needed to handle small, medium or large non-profit organization accounts.

I wanted to share with you a real cost saving we were able to achieve thanks for Great Western and the relationship we have developed through our membership in the Resourceful Buying Network. Prior to partnering with Great Western, we were using rented floor mats through out facility that were changed and laundered by a contracted service. Through Great Western we were able to purchase quality floor mats that we are able to clean ourselves. In the first year that we purchased the mats, we saved over $400. Now in our second year, we expect that our savings will be closer to $1,200.

This is just one example of the savings we have made through RBN. We strongly value our membership and the connections we have made with the suppliers. - Karen Scott, Assistant Finance Director, Humility of Mary Shelter, Inc.

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SCA is one of our national manufacturing partners

Meet The Director

Todd Poe, Director of RBN

Resourceful Buying Network

Todd has over 21 years of professional purchasing/supply management experience. This extends from corporate and government manufacturing, being a purchasing consultant, to currently being Director of Purchasing for a large non-profit organization Family Resources, Inc. He feels that professional purchasing for a non-profit organization is most rewarding because everything that he does is helping improve the lives of others. Todd holds a Bachelor Degree in Elected Studies with emphasis in Business Management from St. Ambrose University, an Associate Degree in Business Management from Black Hawk College; is a Certified Substitute Teacher with the State of Illinois Teacher Certification Board, holds an ISO 9000 Internal Auditing Certificate from Auditor Training Institute (ATI) and an Achievement Award in Purchasing/Supply Management from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). He is a member of the Certified Professionals in Supply Management (CPSM) Qualifications List and is a direct member of the Institute for Supply Management in Tempe, Arizona. He continues to expand his knowledge in the area of Professional Purchasing. Todd is a member of and actively participates in written discussions for Kent State University- the Center for Corporate and Professional Development. He is also a member the National Association for Educational Procurement, Supplier qualification and management group, VMware Sales Professional and Inside Sales Management. He currently serves on the Black Hawk College Business Education Advisory Committee and the Business Administration & Accounting Advisory Committee. Todd has also served on various other Committees throughout his 26-year professional career, such as the Illinois Quad City Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business Council, the Chamber Diversity Advisory Council and the Chamber Supplier Diversity Task Force just to name a few. Todd is also an Instructor teaching courses in Business Management, Sales/Marketing and Purchasing for various colleges and he is a corporate sales trainer. Todd is also the author of a guidebook on Professional Purchasing for Non-Profit Organizations. He also authored a suggestions book on Cost Cutting Without Reducing Staff, Getting The Attention Of The Decision-Maker, How To Deal With The Price Wars and Keeping and Managing Your Sales Accounts which are books for Sales/Marketing Professionals.

Our Suppliers

Purpose: To provide not-for profit organizations with the opportunity to purchase commonly needed, basic commodities and services at volume discounts from high quality suppliers.

Goal: To save not-for-profits organizations, as well as Family Resources, dollars that can be redirected into continuing our missions.

Commodities (12)

Janitorial Supplies and Paper Products:

Great Western Supply Company, Davenport, IA and Regionally

Office Products and Office Furniture:

Bettendorf Office Products, Bettendorf, IA and Regionally

Copiers Products, Printers, IT Services, IT Partner, & Consulting:

Office Machine Consultants, INC -  Rock Island, IL and Regionally

Services (8)

Printing Products and Printing Services; Mailing Services w/NP Postage Discounts & Gov. Regulations, Inventory Storage:

Promotion Support Services, Davenport, IA and Regionally

Onsite Document Destruction (Shredding):

Shred-it Corporation (formerly Cintas), Davenport, IA and Nationally

Car Rentals:

Enterprise Holdings (Car Rentals), Davenport, IA and Nationally

For Questions regarding the Network, please contact:

Todd Poe, Director of RBN
Resourceful Buying Network


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