Interview with Robert D. Macy, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Macy is a pioneer in the field of Traumatic Incident Stress Interventions, public health-mental health psychosocial intervention and research, and violence prevention initiatives for children, youth, their families and communities exposed to traumatic events including large-scale disasters, terrorist events, and more.

He is Co-Director of the Division of Disaster Resilience at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Dr. Macy is also a Harvard Medical School Instructor, a Research Fellow in Psychology in the Developmental Psychology and Psychopathology Program at McLean's Hospital, and an Adjunct Faculty in Counseling Psychology Graduate School Programs at Lesley University.

Family Resources has worked closely with Dr. Macy in developing our efforts in bringing awareness of Trauma Informed Care to the Quad Cities area. The photo at left shows Dr. Macy in a training session for our staff in 2012. We are working with stakeholders throughout our community who come into contact daily with trauma victims -- education, healthcare, social workers, the courts, business, government, and more -- to address what may be the biggest public health and economic problem facing our communities and our nation.

If you are not sure why Trauma Informed Care should be one of our most pressing concerns, listen to these short interview clips from Dr. Robert Macy.

Click on the graphics below to watch parts of an interview between Family Resources and Dr. Robert Macy: